Choosing the right partner for your warehouse needs

Rapidly changing order volumes, growing distribution requirements and the need for day-to-day dynamic inventory management are just a few of the challenges that confront growing businesses.

Located next to Port Newark Marine terminal, Seaman’s Beverage & Logistics is a highly regarded third-party logistics provider offering:

  • Temperature-controlled storage
  • Real-time inventory and data capture
  • Ocean freight and transportation
  • Product consolidations
  • Order processing and customer invoicing
  • US customs clearance
  • COLA registration
  • Strong security control and monitoring
  • Process all aspects of product compliance

For wine and spirits, we take your product from winery or distillery to dock. Flexible, competitive pricing and the ability to accommodate large orders, contact the Seaman’s team on (973) 424-0600 to discuss any order fulfillment or warehousing needs.