Last mile | Seaman's Beverage and Logistics

Fast, Reliable Fulfillment in the Last Mile

Customers want fast, reliable fulfillment in the last mile, and logistics companies are positioning themselves to help brands meet the challenge.

Not surprisingly, road freight is the dominant segment of the ground transportation industry, controlling nearly one-third of the total global logistics spend ($1972.9 billion), according to a report by Ti, Total Logistics 2019.

Seaman’s Beverage and Logistics (SBL) had a 5-year increase in case shipment growth of 1165% and maintained a shipping accuracy of 99.9% in 2019. As experienced operators, SBL can manage all of your transportation and logistics needs. Our track record of last-mile excellence and straightforward, flexible operating style position us as the logistics partner of choice, and we are strategically located next to the Port of New York and New Jersey.

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