Comprehensive Logistics and Back-office Services

For growing businesses and startups, Seaman’s Beverage & Logistics (SBL) is a one-stop solution for outsourced back-office services and logistics support.
April 24, 2019/by annmills

How E-Commerce Is Changing Last Mile Delivery

The increasing dominance of e-commerce makes last mile delivery incredibly challenging for many businesses, particularly with rising delivery volumes.
April 11, 2019/by annmills

Location, Location, Location

Seaman’s Beverage & Logistics is conveniently located near the Port of New York and New Jersey. It’s a game changer when it comes to logistics, warehousing, and storage.
March 16, 2019/by annmills

Top 5 Logistics Trends in 2018

Shippers are starting to view logistics providers as partners that can help ensure timely delivery and improve the customer experience.
February 21, 2019/by annmills

Seaman’s Beverage and Logistics Adds New Warehouse Space

Seaman’s Beverage & Logistics of Belleville, NJ, has just added 780,000 cubic square feet of new warehousing space.
February 5, 2019/by annmills

Seaman’s Beverage and Logistics Named Top NJ Company

Seaman’s Beverage & Logistics was recently featured in a PATCH article about top NJ companies that are hiring, and we are honored to have been ranked #8 in the NJBIZ Fast 50 2018 list.
January 14, 2019/by Seaman's Imports

Review Your Warehousing for the Year End

December is a great time to review your warehousing and supply chain contracts for the new year. An experienced partner is critical for wine and spirits wholesale delivery, warehousing, storage, and last mile logistics.
December 20, 2018/by annmills

Seaman’s Beverage & Logistics Ranks as Eighth Fastest Growing Company in NJ

Ranked #8 out of the list of 50 companies in the NJBIZ Fast 50 2018, Seaman's also made the Fast 50 list in 2017.
November 30, 2018/by Seaman's Imports

The 2018 NJBIZ Fast 50 Results Are In

Seaman’s Beverage & Logistics is proud to have been ranked #8 in the 2018 NJBIZ Fast 50 awards held on November 13.
November 13, 2018/by annmills

Why Private Label Wine Programs are Worthwhile

A private label wine program presents a unique branding opportunity and offers better margins per bottle.
October 29, 2018/by annmills

Wine and Spirits Holiday Orders

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are the top wine-selling holidays, and Seaman’s Beverage & Logistics is taking wine and spirits wholesale orders for the upcoming season.
October 16, 2018/by annmills

Seaman’s Beverage & Logistics Named to 2018 NJBIZ Fast 50

For the second consecutive year, Seaman’s Beverage & Logistics was named to the NJBIZ Fast 50 as one of New Jersey’s 50 fastest growing companies.
September 24, 2018/by annmills