Seaman’s Beverage & Logistics Ranks as Eighth Fastest Growing Company in NJ

Ranked #8 out of the list of 50 companies in the NJBIZ Fast 50 2018, Seaman's also made the Fast 50 list in 2017.
November 30, 2018/by Seaman's Imports

The 2018 NJBIZ Fast 50 Results Are In

Seaman’s Beverage & Logistics is proud to have been ranked #8 in the 2018 NJBIZ Fast 50 awards held on November 13.
November 13, 2018/by annmills

Why Private Label Wine Programs are Worthwhile

A private label wine program presents a unique branding opportunity and offers better margins per bottle.
October 29, 2018/by annmills

Wine and Spirits Holiday Orders

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are the top wine-selling holidays, and Seaman’s Beverage & Logistics is taking wine and spirits wholesale orders for the upcoming season.
October 16, 2018/by annmills

Seaman’s Beverage & Logistics Named to 2018 NJBIZ Fast 50

For the second consecutive year, Seaman’s Beverage & Logistics was named to the NJBIZ Fast 50 as one of New Jersey’s 50 fastest growing companies.
September 24, 2018/by annmills

IoT is Transforming Warehousing

Nicknamed Industry 4.0 for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, IoT is changing warehousing by transforming tracking, accuracy and predictive modeling.
September 7, 2018/by annmills

Seaman’s Beverage and Logistics Named to the 2018 Inc. 5000

Seaman's Beverage and Logistics, the #1 nationally-ranked wholesale distributor of wine and spirits and public warehouse of choice for businesses nationwide, was named to the Inc. 5000.
August 15, 2018/by annmills

Seaman’s Beverage and Logistics is Growing

Seaman’s Beverage & Logistics is hiring salespeople, brand representatives and actively establishing corporate partnerships and joint ventures nationwide.
August 2, 2018/by annmills

Glenn Langberg talks with Return on Information–New Jersey

Glenn Langberg recently sat down with Return on Information-New Jersey to discuss how his experienced team of professionals help companies improve profitability, cut costs, streamline operations, and grow.
July 24, 2018/by annmills

Wine and the Millennial Consumer

Capturing the Millennial consumer is key to successful distribution of a wine. Here are 4 millennial trends to know.
July 2, 2018/by annmills

US Wine Imports and the American Consumer

The list of top wine exporting countries to the US might surprise you. In 2017, Americans purchased $6.2 billion of imported wine, and our preferences are shifting.
June 22, 2018/by annmills

Wine and Spirits Logistics: The IT Challenge

Today, getting wine and spirits from vineyard or distillery to market presents numerous IT and logistics challenges.
June 4, 2018/by annmills