US Wine Imports and the American Consumer

The list of top wine exporting countries to the US might surprise you.

In 2017, Americans purchased $6.2 billion of imported wine, and our preferences are shifting.

World’s Top Exports looked at the percentage change of imports to the US since 2013.

Within the top 10 exporting countries, favorites with an increasing growth rate:

  • Italy $1.94 billion, +15.2%
  • France $1.92 billion, +29.7%
  • New Zealand $440.7 million, +50.8%
  • Spain $379 million, +5.1%
  • Portugal $104.6 million, +19.8%

While Americans are drinking less wine from these countries showing declining growth rates:

  • Australia $438.4 million, -17.9%
  • Argentina $322.3 million, -20.3%
  • Chile $306.1 million, -11.8%
  • Germany $110.6 million, -11.8%
  • South Africa $58.9 million, -20.8%

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